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Real estate transfers

  • I will prepare, review and negotiate complete contractual documentation for the transfer of the property
  • I will arrange for a attorney's escrow
  • I will prepare a proposal for registration and arrange its submission to the Land Registry

Legal service for real estate agents  

  • Contract packages for real estate transactions according to client requirements
  • I will arrange for the attorney's escrow and filing of a changes into the Land Registry
  • Contracts are prepared to ensure a smooth transaction and the client can sign the contract without worry and concern

Legal services for developers

  • Legal services in finding and buying investment properties
  • Legal assistance during construction
  • Preparation of documentation for the sale or lease of real estate
  • Assistance with project preparation and obtaining necessary permits

Training for real estate agents

  • Legal basics for the work of a real estate agent and the functioning of a real estate agency
  • GDPR and AML issues in the real estate environment

​Are you looking for an attorney to assist you with real estate related legal issues?

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JUDr. Martin Halada, LL.B., attorney-at-law

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​Haštalská 27, 110 00 Praha 1

+420 774 703 582